Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions

  2. Web Hosting

    Is an internet service provided by an individual or business that allows the publishing of website files to the World Wide Web that are stored on a server in a central location of a facility used for housing data.


    Images, pictures, fonts, animation, colors & any items used to create the design of your website.


    Are the design elements that are brought together to present your website on the World Wide Web using HTML, PHP & any other related technology.

    Development & Live Web Address

    The development web address is a sub domain in the form of (example): http://develop.myfirstwebsite.com. This is where all the development & reviews will take place on your website before any area of your website goes live. It is recommended that this web address is not given out to others.

    The live web address (example) http://www.myfirstwebsite.com/ is the location where all of your visitors will be able to view the website once the site is finished.

    Domain Registration

    It’s a process that allows you to secure a domain such as http://www.mywebsite.com. Once you register your domain you become the owner for the term purchased and if you choose to, it must be renewed to continue ownership for ‘X’ amount of years of your choice. Registering and renewing your domain is the sole responsibility of the customer.

    Please take a moment to review the Registrants’ Benefits and Responsibilities.

  3. Domain Registration

  4. Contact Privacy

    Protects your personal information from being viewed within a WHOIS lookup on a registrant’s domain. This information is hidden from spammers, identity thieves and etc. Having this feature enabled, masks your information within the public WHOIS database. It is important to disable this option when purchasing a Secure Certificate for your site then enabling it once complete.

    A Contact Privacy subscriptions for domain registration will incur a non-prorated $5.00/year at the start or anytime during the term. Once purchased, contact privacy can be turned on and off at any time.

    Modification of the Registrants’ Name

    Updon registration, the registrants’ email address will be validated upon purchase, transfer or modification of the registrant name unless the email address had already been validated. An email will be sent requiring a response to confirm this change. If a response is not recieved within 15 days, the registrant will be contacted and if no contact is made the name will be suspended.

    Expiring Domains

    Notifications of expiring domains will be sent 30 and 5 days prior to the domain expiry date. In the event that the domain is not renewed, an additional email will be sent 3 days after the expiry date.

    Free Domains

    Domains that are indicated as free are associated through a promotion linked to a current hosting package. The following domains are listed as free during the Pro Package promotion: .Com, .Net & .Org. These domains are free as long as a client has a current Pro hosting package and this promotion will not be moved or transferred to any other package or company at any time. Once the promotional term is up, the registrar may decide to continue with or extend the term of the domain at then the current cost.

    Domain Redemption

    After a domain has expired and deleted, there’s a domain registry period of 30 days for redemption. The existing registry keeps a hold on the domain name during this period. During this time, the original domain registrant (owner) is allowed to retrieve the domain from deletion by contacting their registrar. This process is much longer then the initial renewal before the domain expires, therefore the registrant will incur a $95 charge to redeem a domain during this time.

    There is a 5 day pending period where the domain cannont be renewed. Once this phase if complete it will be released back into the public domain pool for availability.

    Take a moment to review ICANN’s Policy and Registration Agreement (Exhibit A).

    Please Note: Domains are renewed at their original purchase price unless otherwise discounted. Renewal and redemption fees are below.

    Domain (TLD) Renewal/Redemption Cost
    .com $12.99/$95
    .org $12.99/$95
    .net $11.99/$95
    .info $15.99/$95
    .biz $15.99/$95
    .mobi $16.99/$95
    .pro $15.99/$95
    .name $15.99/$95
    .asia $19.99/$95
    .tel $15.99/$95
    .co $29.99/$95
    .me $24.99/$95
    .tv $39.99/$95
    .ws $24.99/$95
    .aero $49.99/$95
    .coop $109.99/$95
    .jobs $119.99/$95
    .pw $11.99/$95

  5. Hosting

  6. D-Zign IT, LLC serves as a web hosting provider with experience in web design and development. We will make every reasonable effort to ensure the client’s website is up and running at all times. D-Zign IT, LLC will not be liable for any damages that occur by events that are beyond our control. These events may include but are not limited to, service provider interruptions, acts of God, individual computer malfunctions, and internet, desktop or 3rd party software that may affect the use of the clients’ website.

    Nightly backups are ran on our servers to prevent data lost in the case of a disaster only. It is the clients responsibility to have a backup of their website for to recover files that might have been overwritten while developing or any other related activity.

    Site Migration

    Any non-cpanel account customer migrated over from a previous host to D-Zign IT, LLC will be billed at $50. Cpanel account holders are migrated over free of charge!

    Website Maintenance

    If needed, website maintenance can be completed through D-Zign IT, LLC. This includes updating links, spelling corrections, sentence & paragraph updating, page/graphic redesigns, new pages/graphics and etc. Each request is evaluated to determine the cost but may not be less than $50/hr, unless otherwise indicated.

  7. Design & Development

  8. Resources

    D-Zign IT, LLC reserves the right to assign or hire the following individuals but are not limited to web developers, designers, affiliates, partners and subcontracters to the client’s web design phases in order to meet the client’s needs and estimated date of completion. D-Zign IT, LLC will diligently work towards bringing about the reasonable design ideas of the client to the World Wide Web. D-Zign IT, LLC does not warrant, cover, and support any web or desktop application or program (or anything related to) that is not built by us to function with your website. If the client chooses to use any such application or program it will be at their own risk.


    Any consultation provided by D-Zign IT, LLC is free for the 1st 30 minutes and will be billed at an hourly rate of $50 per hour thereafter.

  9. Website & Design Ownership

  10. D-Zign IT, LLC, web developers, designers, affiliates, partners and subcontracters reserve the right to be acknowledged as the original author(s)/creator(s) of the clients website, logo, and any other related design or development that is completed for the client by us. We also reserve the right to use the original works as a display in any format (e.g. electronic, print, web & etc) to showcase all works created. Copyright to all original works will belong to the client once the project is completed and final payment is made.

    The submission of graphics, text, photos, artwork, designs and any other original works that are requested to be included in the design that is not owned by the client must have documentation signed by the client stating permission was obtained by the author allowing use of these materials on the clients site. This will ensure that D-Zign IT, LLC, its web developers, designers, affiliates, partners and subcontracters are free from any liability such as attorney’s fees, court costs, claims or lawsuits that come from inaccurate use of these items that were unknown to us. Any items that meet this criteria will not be used in any developement, design or anything created by D-Zign IT, LLC.

  11. Estimated Completion Date

  12. D-Zign IT, LLC will always work with the client to insure the client’s website will be designed and developed within the given time frame which is an estimated completion date provided by D-Zign IT, LLC or agreed upon by D-Zign IT, LLC and its’ client’s. Work begins as soon as we obtain majority of your website materials (i.e. content, design elements, any other related items) and any fee that is due.

    If any design items or related content is not submitted in a timely manner, it will affect the estimated completion date of the website. If the client is not able to provide the needed content from the original request and or specification, before the site goes live, D-Zign IT, LLC will accept temporary content to use on the site per the clients request for the indicated pages or the client may agree to not show the indicated pages. D-Zign IT, LLC will enforce a 7 day grace period without receiving any needed content (e.g. text, images, files or any site related material) per the original request/specification for the site before accruing a charge for any completed work. An invoice will be submitted to the client within the 7 days, if no information is received.

    D-Zign IT, LLC reserves the right to change the estimated completion date at any time and for any reason. We will not change this date without first notifying the client of these changes.

    Going Live (Publishing)

    The client will be provided with the development web address once the website is ready to be reviewed for approval before it goes live. Once the client approves the website and final payment is made, the site will be moved to the live web address.

  13. Payments Terms

  14. All payments must be made on time. If a payment is not received on time, D-Zign IT, LLC reserves the right to suspend (i.e. remove, takedown, make unavailable) any website, product or service until payment has been made.

    Website Design & Development- Payment Schedule

    There is a deposit required before any work begins. This deposit will be no less than 25% and no higher than 50% of the total cost unless otherwise noted on the price quote/invoice. Payments are taken in phases and will be itemized on the price quote/invoice. Final payment is due once the work is completed in order for the product (i.e. website, graphic design, development or other related items) are to be released to the customer. This action normally happens during the same timeframe, once the project is completed, approved, paid for and then released to the client.

    Additional Charges

    Any additions outside of the original specification outlined within the original request may accrue additional charges.

    Late Fee

    If payment is not received on time and you are a Client Center customer, the account will be suspended until the balance is paid. All non Client Center customers will be charged a late fee of 15% per month. D-Zign IT, LLC works with dependable web developers, designers, affiliates, partners and subcontracters in order to provide great products. On time payments will make sure that this service will continue.

  15. Refund Policy

  16. Web Design & Development

    If a client is unable to continue services for the design & development of their website or digital assets (i.e. images, videos or any other related items), the client may request a refund for the unworked portion of work by sending an email to info@d-zignit.com. Once emailed, the work will be evaluated by D-Zign IT, LLC to determine the refund. The cost of any incomplete work will be refunded to the client and if the cost of any completed work is greater than the cost on the invoice, we will report and readjust the invoice back to the client.

    Other Products & Services

    Clients may request a refund within the first 30 days of purchase, unless otherwise noted for products & services such as hosting, SSL Certificates & other related items by sending an email to billing@d-zignit.com. The client must include their please include a product type (e.g. hosting & etc), username and order number to ensure the correct product is discontinued.


    There will be “no refunds” issued for any Domain transactions.

  17. Site Content & Other Related Material

  18. Each client is responsible for using acceptable content, (i.e. content that does not break any Law) on its site. Any site that is found contrary to this, may be required by Law to removed directly or indirectly and the account will be suspended.

    Examples of non-acceptable material are:

    • Pornography/Nudity/Adult Content
    • Involved in hacking sites or anything related
    • Violations of all copyrighted materials
    • Any Illegal material or links to sites relating but not limited to violence, threatening, and human harm will be removed and the account will be closed.

  19. Abuse

  20. Staff, Contractors, Affiliates, Customers or any Entity Related To

    Our focus is to provide excellent service & show respect to our clients. We will not tolerate any behavior, verbal or in writing, against any of our staff, contractors, affiliates, designers, developers, customers or any entity related to that is demeaning or rude. The clients’ account will be suspended or removed, determined by D-Zign IT, LLC. If removal is necessary, the customer will be notified of the removed within 5 days in order to locate a new hosting provider.


    If an account is found to be spamming or sending out unsolicited email from our server or involved in any activity resulting in or is a part of spamming is strictly prohibited. Accounts that have violated our spam policy will be notified an removed from our servers within 5 days.

    Server Harm

    Any attempts to cause Harm to D-Zign IT, LLC servers or other customers will result in immediate removal and all incidents will be notated and reported to the proper authorities to press charges.

    Server Management

    All accounts are closely monitored and any account that has reached its threshold (i.e. bandwidth or etc) will be notified by us to make the proper changes to correct the issue. If needed, we will notify the client of the modifications that we will make to return the account to an acceptable state.

    If an account is showing a trend of becoming a repeat offender of running abnormal processes, unnecessary server request and anything related will be in the violation of its account usage. This account will be suspended & removed from the server without notice.


    The space used for hosting is not to be used for storage of any files unrelated to the operation of a website at any time. For example, a client could not use the hosting space to backup files from a computer or upload files due to the lack of proper hardware. If an account that is found to be storing unrelated files will be asked to remove them within 3 days. If said file are not removed within the given time frame, these files will be removed by D-Zign IT, LLC. Repeat offenders will have their account removed.

  21. Policies Adherence

  22. Any accounts hosted by D-Zign IT, LLC must adhere to the above policies. Failure to fully comply with these terms are grounds for account suspension or removal. D-Zign IT, LLC reserves the right to suspend or remove any account at any time for any reason determined by us.

  23. Cancellation

  24. Cancellations must be done in writing within in 30 days of your desired cancellation date.

  25. This Agreement

  26. This is an agreement between D-Zign IT, LLC and its clients which may include but not limited to web design, development, hosting, domain registration, SSL Certificates or any other products or services that are rendered by us.

    Please take a moment to review our privacy statement.